The conference will be held on the Campus St Martin d’Hères of Université Grenoble-Alpes.

There are several ways to reach  Grenoble. Three airports serve the Grenoble area:

  • Lyon Saint Exupéry airport  is the closest important airport (it is about 100 km away from Grenoble). There are few long distance flights serving it but it is well connected  to major airport hubs in Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich).    You can reach  Grenoble from the airport  by buses or trains (there is a bus every 30mn). Tickets can be purchased  on the websites of the two buses companies: Oui-Bus and Flexi-Bus,or the train company: Sncf.
  • Geneva Airport,  is about 150 kms away from Grenoble. Many international airlines companies serve Geneva airport, and  direct flights from principal cities in the world to Geneva may exist. You can reach  Grenoble from the airport by buses or trains (buses run every hour). Tickets can be purchased  on the websites of the train company Cff, and the bus company Aerocar. Remember that Geneva is a Swiss city and depending on your country of origin you may need a visa. Since 2008 Switzerland is  part of the Schengen area, European Union citizens should not have problems travelling via Geneva. It is also worth remembering that Switzerland has its own currency (the Swiss Franc); nearly all retail outlets in Geneva accept Euros but change is given in Swiss Francs. Geneva Airport also has a “French part” that does not require to enter into Swiss territory if you come from France and your destination flight is to France.
  • Grenoble Isère Airport, also known as St Geoirs, about 40 km from Grenoble, or about 35 minutes by coach. This is a small low-cost airport. Flights are more frequent in the ski season. EasyJet and Ryanair offer flights to/from Grenoble Isère Airport.


Sncf links  Paris to Grenoble directly every day, for a three-hour trip of 640 km. TER trains also link the city to Geneva in Switzerland (2h), to Milan(4 hours),  to southern Alps (Gap, Sisteron) and to Valence (1h) where you can change for the TGV to Southern-France. More info on SNCF website.


Additionnal information on how to get to Grenoble is available on Grenoble in wikitravel.

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